How to Prepare for Your First Visit

So you want to try acupuncture? That’s great! Here’s a handy guide that should prepare you for your appointment.

  • Fill out any paperwork you’ve been given by the practitioner. In this practice, this includes a health history questionnaire and a form consenting to the treatment. Remember to bring the filled out forms to the treatment or show up early to fill them out at the office. You can also email the forms to us before your treatment.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing. It’s best if your clothing can be shifted around to allow access to your elbows, knees and stomach or back. You can always bring a change of clothes if what you normally wear doesn’t work.
  • Avoid strong scents like perfume. This is especially important in a community acupuncture setting like ours where patients share a room.
  • Avoid coffee, tea, or anything that will stain your tongue (like a lollipop) for about 2 hours before your treatment. (Acupuncturists often look tongues to get a sense of your general health.)

Before their first acupuncture visit, many patients are either excited to try a new experience or nervous about the needles. If you’re excited, that’s great! If you’re nervous, that’s understandable. Most nervous patients start to relax after the first two or three needles, and start to enjoy the treatment in the first few minutes. Whether you’re excited, nervous, or indifferent, we look forward to meeting you!